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LED Commercial and Industrial Lighting Systems

indoorEnergypro’s LED Lighting packages maximize your potential energy savings.

Reducing Maintenance: Our LED lighting solutions last up to 60 times longer than incandescent sources, dramatically reducing maintenance costs.

Improving Property Values: More efficient buildings that generate greater income can also provide a higher valuation.

Improving Productivity: 
Studies have long shown that improved lighting can directly impact worker productivity.



Benefits of LED Lighting

  • Reduce your commercial building’s monthly energy bill
  • LED Bulbs produce very little heat so will reduce cooling costs
  • LED Bulb lifespan is nearly 50 times longer and energy use nearly 85 percent lower than incandescent bulbs
  • LED technology makes for an energy-efficient investment that easily justifies its higher upfront cost.
  • Protect the environment – No mercury and recyclable
  • Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights will not dim, flicker or delay in coming on in cold temperatures.
  • Accidental breakage of an LED light bulb poses no health hazards or environmental concerns.

nurseEnergy Tax Credits Available

Federal Tax Code Section 179D allows up to $1.80 per square foot in deductions to those who have upgraded their commercial building’s lighting, HVAC, or building envelope. You can take the Section 179D deduction if you are:

Owners of energy efficient commercial or multifamily properties built or retrofitted since 12/31/2005.
Architects, engineers, ESCOs, and designers of energy efficient municipal building projects. (LEED certified buildings easily qualify.)

A building may qualify for a tax deduction under Section 179D if it does not to exceed $1.80/ft² for whole building performance or $0.60/ft² for a partially qualifying property for envelope, heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC), or lighting improvements. In addition, a building may qualify with a reduced installed lighting power under the interim lighting rule. Energy simulations are required to show compliance with the energy and power cost savings requirements. View more detailed information.

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